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I am Lee Seung-do, CEO of KSTEC.
Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website.


The world market is being globalized, and the corporate environment is continuously changing. Information technology is developing at surprising speeds in this age of boundless competition. For a company to survive, its competitiveness must be enhanced by maximizing management efficiency and finding good ways to reduce costs.

  The ILOG Software Components, which were developed based on industrial engineering, management science, and IT technologies, are used widely in Korea and around the world for major systems to improve the productivity of companies, maximize ROI, and enhance competitiveness.

  KSTEC provides total services (ILOG S/W supply, training, technical support, consulting) on the software components of ILOG, a global leader in optimization, visualization, and business rules, to clients in industries such as manufacturing, communication, logistics, finance, public sectors, and national defense. Furthermore, KSTEC maintains close relations with SI companies, consulting firms, and solution providers through strategic partnerships and provides customized services to customers.

  KSTEC’s Auxiliary Information Technology Research Center is closely linked to the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, Korea SCM Society, and the Korea Intelligent Information System Society to focus on developing smart solutions needed to enhance corporate competitiveness.

  Developing software packages since 1999, KSTEC has developed SyncPlant APS, Smart Gantt, and RTS (Real Time Scheduler) packages for not only the domestic market, but also for export around the world. The BRMS (Business Rule Management System) sector developed the Smart Works Package, which is a customized rules framework, to provide a cornerstone to build flexible and strong systems easily and quickly at low costs, depending on the corporate maturity for BRMS. It is being applied in insurance, bank, securities, and credit card companies. The Smart Works Package is also being spread to the manufacturing, communication, and public industries, and we are pursuing entry into the global market.

  We hope that you gain a better understanding on the businesses of KSTEC and ILOG software components through our website. KSTEC will strive to become a smart solution provider to help improve the competitiveness of customers through our experience in software solution businesses, experience in carrying out major system development products for various industries, and speedy management. Farewell, and I wish you good fortune in both business and health.

  Thank you.

KSTEC CEO, Lee Seung-do