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IBM ILOG JViews Component Suite Overview 

The IBM ILOG JViews product line provides the most comprehensive component-based graphic tools and various graphic libraries so that highly complex and two-directional user screens can be quickly and conveniently developed through Java components.

IBM ILOG JViews Component Suite Features

Generate display desired by users
Proceed to desktop or web (Ajax)
Produced to be able to update mass volumes of data in real-time
Quick development by using point and click editor
Comprehensive API approach

Accurate Visualization Leads to Faster and Better Decision-Making

Chart, diagram, or map-based user interfaces display information more quickly and comprehensively. By indicating data with graphics, the user can promptly respond to changes and better understand complex information.

Essential for All Business Fields

Superior visualization software arranges data in context. Complex information and dispersed resources can be easily managed when seeing in an accurate and well organized display. Manufacturers depend on such systems to receive orders and establish production plans. Examples include shipping plans, vehicle supervision, route composition and other transportation services, and equipment, network management, and other communication companies. The best visualization software in the industry is necessary for all industries that require clear understanding of data and processes such as national defense, government, finance, banks, research, and retail.

Broad Visualization

As a Java visualization product line, the success of IBM ILOG JViews lies in its wide range graphics, functions, and algorithms that optimize user experiences across broad ranged applications. The components of this product include specific graphic objects for industries, point and click editors, API, SDK, and Eclipse for user-defined rendering and interaction, and non-synchronized Java script and XML (Ajax) technical support. Displays produced with IBM ILOG JViews can be used on desktops or on the web, and thousands of renderings in real-time are possible.

Broad Range Support

BM ILOG JViews is a visualization development system with the broadest range among currently available systems. Over 20 years in visualization experience and over a decade of concentrated research and development were reflected in IBM ILOG JViews products to provide combined services with the richest functions, expansion, and performance.