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KSTEC SyncPlant CutOpt

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KSTEC SyncPlant CutOpt

CutOpt Functions

  • · Minimize waste
  • · Minimize production of specifications outside of orders
  • · Allow excess production of specifications with low inventory risk
  • · Quick response to changes and reflect various decision-making
  • · Various constraint support
    • - Constraint according to delivery policies (satisfy orders, meet delivery, etc.)
    • - Constraint according to inventory policies (improve safety, general specifications, tracking inventory exhaustion, etc.)
    • - Can produce small amounts of products with inventory and large amounts of products that sell well
    • - Change of production patterns according to quality (domestic or export)
    • - Constraint of packaging units
    • - Facilities constraint (width, dimensions, workability, quality, etc.)
    • - Combination constraints (Minimum production, excessive production, division of units, thickness features, etc.)
    • - Constraints on specifications outside of orders

Effects of Implementation

  • · Reduced inventory
  • · Increased productivity
  • · Decision-making support (simulation)
  • · Reduced work time