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Company Overview

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Make better decisions faster through the software and services of KSTEC. IBM ILOG/KSTEC products are comprised of innovative optimized visualization software components and industry leading business rule management systems (BRMS). By managing changes and complexities, KSTEC customers are maximizing their earnings by defining the market and strengthening their competitiveness. KSTEC works to enhance customer competitiveness and maximize profits.

Technologies for Customers

For the past several years, KSTEC has developed innovative solutions and gained proprietary knowledge and expertise for projects. KSTEC R&D strives to provide high quality products.

Business rules

Enhance the flexibility of applications with ILOG BRMS. The Business Rule Engine applies changes in policies throughout the company. Users can quickly respond to customer demands, changes in regulations, and competition.


Develop the best plans and schedules to maximize services and profits. ILOG Optimization Technology deals with many operating constraints. Users can confidently and accurately make the best possible decisions when necessary.


You can express complex data more realistically with Rogue Wave Visualization Technology. Rogue Wave Visualization converts unprocessed data into usable information to present the big picture for the user. The user can immediately identify data through realistic graphics representing useful information.

Cognizant FATCA

The Cognizant FATCA solution already has numerous reference cases, and it can quickly and flexibly react to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of the U.S. The FATCA solution can be used to strengthen FATCA adaption through transparent and quick business logic response, automation of complex decision-making, and integration of the existing IT environment.

Professional service

KSTEC consultants use their professional insight to more efficiently provide projects, and they are the nation’s top experts in ILOG technology. Their wide ranging and diverse experience makes it possible for us to reduce application development and adoption times.

Superior Service

  • Major Industries using ILOG Products

    Customers of different industries can lead the market through ILOG solutions.
    Bank and financial institutes
    ERP vendors
    Port and airport
    Manufacturing/logistics/communication/finance sectors Communication equipment.
    manufacturers and network operators

  • Major Industries using ILOG Products
  • Introduction of Advanced Research Results of the Optimization Sector in Industries

    KSTEC was the first to introduce the advanced technologies of the world-renowned ILOG in the domestic market.
    After the development methods of Java and World Wide Web (WWW) were improved, object-oriented programming has been receiving more attention. KSTEC used object-oriented versions of Lisp Language long before Java was implemented to construct commercial visuals for the first time. KSTEC researchers also designed MASAI, which is the world’s first WYSIWYG GUI builder.

  • Introduction of Advanced Research Results of the Optimization Sector in Industries