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Worker skills, actual work time, and preferences of workers through mutual and competitive relations. Some workers may seek to be given preferential consideration depending on their personal circumstances. Labor force plans should be easily drafted by the field manager, and they require an intuitive and easy-to-use environment for revisions.


Features of SyncPlant HRP

Based on proven optimization models
Best model and algorithm for optimized results in a short period of time
Support constraint expression for complex and diverse constraints for education level, skill level, position, and work performance
Hierarchal constraint architecture that responds to the organization’s hierarchal structure
Customization function for constraints unique to specific workplaces
Provide easy-to-use editing functions to respond to exceptional situations
Optimize various policies (purpose function)- Preference, priority, minimization of cost, minimization of work time, rest time, etc. for each employee
What-if simulation support for set scenario

Expected Effects

Automatic drafting of work chart
Reflect education level, position, capacities
Minimize difference between supply and demand
Minimize labor costs
Minimize data input through integration with external systems
Provide flexibility to edit exceptional situations of schedule
Provide reports fitting to cooperation demands by combining with reporting tools

Applicable Fields

Compile hospital nurse shift tables
Compile hotel employee shift tables
Compile large restaurant (fast food) shift tables
Compile shift tables for theme park departments
Compile airport ground grew shift tables
Compile customs shift table
Compile traffic controller shift tables
Compile supermarket clerk shift table