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Developers can generate application displays by sufficiently utilizing high-quality rendering advantages through Rogue Wave Components Suite. Advanced GDI+ graphic rendering can be used in a Windows System to provide functions such as anti-aliasing and offers top transparence for the user experience. The image filter creates powerful visual effects needed for persuasive display and excellent business-oriented expressions.

Features and Advantages

  • · C++
  • · High performance 2D graphics
  • · Powerful GUI builder
  • · Customized business graphic objects, charts, and Gantt Chart
  • · Completely transferrable to Windows, Unix, and Linux

Best Control and WYSIWYG Editor

Rogue Wave Views offers wide-range graphic objects when designing GUI. These object groups, which are called gadgets, include top control elements including complex objects such as buttons, menus, text fields, trees, tool bars, and spreadsheets. This product also provides application frameworks made on the document/view architecture to dramatically reduce development time. Each gadget activates according to the pre-defined design and the Windows (including XP) and Look & Feel motif, and it can be dynamically changed. It also supports various languages around the world including Arabic and Chinese. It also offers the Rogue Wave Views Studio WYSIWYG editor that can simply generate application interfaces to a more developed format from the standard GUI. The editor generates C++ code to support multi-language applications, and it can be edited and expanded according to user needs.

Demand for Powerful Interface

Strategic applications require their own highly precise and business-oriented GUI. The GUI must express complex information in great detail for the user to obtain information in real-time, and interaction with application must be possible through graphic expression on the screen. In addition, it must be developed in a short amount of time with minimum expenses for the fastest ROI. It is used for indication.

Improved User Experience

Through the Rogue Wave Views that leads the industry and additional modules for data visualization, mapping, and database access, it is possible to develop powerful user interfaces that bring out the full potential of powerful and important mission critical applications. These products all use dialogue-type 2D graphics to provide all functions and editing tools needed for quickly developing an intuitive GUI.

Renowned Visualization Tool

In order to satisfy strategic demands such as for communication, transportation, manufacturing, and national defense industries, the Rogue Wave Views can greatly reduce time and expenses needed for developing and maintaining GUI, and offers mobility throughout the most commonly used platforms such as Windows, UNIX, and LINUX, as well as surprisingly rich graphics. Rogue Wave Views is leading the market in visualization technologies through 15 years of R&D and full-fledged customer support services. Rogue Wave Views, which is the world’s best C++ visualization component, helps developers to concentrate on the goal and not the method.

High Performance 2D Graphics and Excellent User Interaction Management

Rogue Wave Views provides wide-range C++ class sets needed for generating structural 2D graphics that can be embedded in the existing/new interface. Of these classes, powerful graphic management tools can efficiently indicate thousands of graphic objects, making it possible to see the objects with quick zoom and fanning functions. The graphic management tools provide multiple-object interactive elements for multi-view and multi-layer display, quick selection and editing functions, and user interaction processing. This management tool is important for monitoring applications that must express considerably large amounts of graphic information in dialog form. It must also be used for node and link indication in network management applications for communication, media, supply networks, and utility fields.