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IBM Decision Optimization Center

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Optimization Solution for Business Users

Offering Business User Environments

The automatically generated decision-making support environment provides the following functions so that business users can advance their decision-making procedures.

  • · Generation of scenarios and rich scenario comparison functions
  • · Adjusting functions for model input conditions, constraint condition settings, and goals
  • · Sensitivity analysis and interpretation on scenario results
  • · Provides the highest performance optimization engine that leads the global market

Reduced Development Expenses

A great deal of time and experience is needed to construct superior optimization-based decision-making support applications. In addition to complex process design related to scenario generation, comparisons, softening of constraint conditions, and goal harmony, screens needed to review the measurement indices of data input conditions, operation constraint conditions, preferences, expenses, goals, and result values are necessary. Furthermore, convenient functions such as Microsoft Excel integration, cut-paste editing, and online help must also be included to satisfy minimal user convenience standards. The IBM Decision Optimization Center automatically generates the complete decision-making support application with all of these functions in the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to conserve a considerable amount of time.

Softening of Constraint Conditions

he IBM Decision Optimization Center-based application automatically mitigates excessive constraint issues while the CPLEX engine is run through constraint diffusion procedures. Through this process, together with clear information related to constraint conditions and preferences, the result values are always available.

Various Goal Formulas and Goal Programming

In the field, goals such as cost reduction, customer service improvement, and increased sales and profits can conflict with each other. The IBM Decision Optimization Center-based application allows the user to change the weighted value of individual goals and sets the minimum and maximum weighted value range per goal to achieve balance among goals. In actuality, goal setting is just as important as considerations for costs and constraint conditions.

Scenario Management

In order to support the comparison and reporting functions of scenarios, the IBM Decision Optimization Center-based application provides complete storage for individual scenarios such as input data, scenario parameters, goals, decision variables, and measurement of indices of result values. It is possible to generate, copy, edit, and compare scenarios without any separate operations. After the system has been in use for some time, the Decision Optimization Center scenario measurement index saved in the database allows for operation and financial performance tracking.

Improved Optimization Model

The IBM Decision Optimization Center provides support for business users to participate in repeated development that is necessary for completely constructing the optimization model. Relevant people in the development team from various departments approach the IBM Decision Optimization Development System to develop and improve the mathematical models, step-by-step.

  •  Improved Optimization Model_01
  •  Improved Optimization Model_02
  •  Improved Optimization Model_03
  •  Improved Optimization Model_04

Business users can search various alternatives through the intuitive interface that is automatically generated at the IBM Decision Optimization Center.