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This is a solution that discovers intelligence such as Who, What, When, and Where by saving various source data in a state in which it can be analyzed for visualization and analyzing its association.

Main Functions

Finding Information

Integrated management of relevant data spread across various sources in one repository

Visualization and Analysis

Discovers significant patterns by applying various visualization analyses in the relations between data

Exchange and Cooperation

Provides support for cooperation with outside organizations through information sharing and report generation to utilize analysis results

Reason to use I2

How Much Do You Know about the Analysis Target?

Family and friend relations, method and time for contacting people, type and intimacy of relations, frequently contacted people

Process All Relevant Information as Significant Intelligence

Provides powerful visualization that makes association analysis possible

Applied Field

Illegal account copying/use and credit card fraud investigation within financial companies, AML, outside hacking investigation, internal audit for companies, monitoring/investigation of leaking confidential information, fraud investigation and management, crime investigation, big data analysis, etc.