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PCM(Plant Control Management)

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SmartWorks PCM
Intelligent Plant Control Management System

The high-tech manufacturing industry is passing the stage of manual labor manufacturing environment by workers to a full-automation environment that automates the entire production process. Engineers and workers manage and follow various guidelines and constraints for to improve quality management and productivity. In order for full-automation manufacturing, various control regulations and rules necessary for carrying out processes must be managed by various systems. Production process control logics that consider product characteristics or equipment characteristics cover a very wide range, and they are continuously changing due to the launching of new products, improvements in processes and logistics, and changing environments. PCM systematically manages this vast and frequently changing process control rule as a solution that provides a stable production control environment.

  PCM is a solution that combines the knowhow of high-tech manufacturing industries based on Websphere ILOG JRules, which is BRMS (Business Rule Management System) product. Major models include Work Management System, Control Job Management System, Dispatching System, and Routing Management System.

PCM(Plant Control Management)

Major Cases

Process Control Module

  • · S Company semiconductor process control system
  • – Full-auto construction and remodeling line after 2002 (domestic and foreign)
  • – Work simultaneity and sequence control, process detailed control exception handling
  • · S Company LCD Process Control System
  • – 8th Generation LCD Line and Overseas Line
  • – Work simultaneity and sequence control, exception handling

Production Planning Module

  • · S Company Semiconductor Planning Supplementation System
  • – RTF Keeping
  • – Heuristic Goal Generation