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Optimization is the exclusive core technology used in SyncPlant APS to achieve the greatest effects in cutting costs, enhancing production profit, resolving low inventory, and increasing productivity. Optimization is a core factor for achieving maximum return on investments (ROI). According to AMR, companies that use planning and scheduling systems based on optimization techniques have 30 - 300% ROI.


Need for SyncPlant PPO

SyncPlant Planner optimizes the below factors that have the greatest impact on manufacturing activities to provide support in making the best decisions for efficient production activities by the company.
Production or sales
Production allotment
Helping to check or analyze problems—such as sales or management bottleneck processes or problems with unreliable suppliers—are very important for optimization solutions. Important values for profits are provided to the production planner, who can benefit from optimization for more efficient and objective decision-making.

Need for SyncPlant DSO

SyncPlant Scheduler allots resources for efficient production activities for the below factors and sets the production sequence.
Work order and work time
The allotment scheduler of production resources adjusts and controls work and is linked with MES to offer functions for real-time monitoring and handling production activities.
The KPI analysis functions and data navigation functions help to control production activities more efficiently, and it takes actions when problems occur.

SyncPlant Functions

Expansion function through Plug-in Framework

Additional configuration of constraints and objectives
Additional configuration of pre and post processing
Free change of engine execution flow

Production plan establishment (Planning option)

Establish overall optimization goal and manufacturing plans optimized to production limits Calculation of procurement time, quantity, and inventory of main materials Calculate internal resources and outsource resource capacities.

Auto scheduling & Communicational scheduling

Auto scheduling according to assignment rules
Schedule that partially fixes existing schedule
Schedule editing and separation and combination of works using the mouse cursor in the Gantt Chart

Scenario Simulation and Analysis

Establish schedule for multiple prediction situations Store, compare, and carry out KPI analysis for multiple schedules

Intelligent Data Query (Data Navigation)

Two-way paging of associate data, associated information highlight Indicate only selected work

Easy System Integration or Data Management

Provide visual editor for BOM, manufacturing process, orders, and equipment
Provide adapter with outside systems (ERP, Legacy)

Expected Effects

Procure Production Visibility (Realization of management seen visually)

Show current situation and future of manufacturing through intuitive diagrams
Quick and easy to establish response plans in the case of problems

Reduced Production Costs

Lower lead time
Reduced work-in-process inventory and raw materials inventory
Lower overtime

Improved Work Efficiency

Cut down on time for establishing plans and for readjustments
Share production plans
Early warning of problems
Construct speed management base

Decision-making Support (Simulation)

Emergency order response, delivery change response
Overtime decision